This page used to provide information to access WebTerritory hosted account services, however, WebTerritory no longer provides longterm hosting, instead, WebTerritory will recommend web hosting from a third-party host that best suits your hosting needs.

WebTerritory does provide management services for your website.
(setup, configuration, and maintenance)

Important Security Note

Your control panel controls every aspect of your website. It is very important that you do not share your login credentials (user name / password) with anyone else unless you wish them to have absolute full access to your site management. Allowing such access also make you solely responsible for any actions they carry out as you while they are accessing the control panel. Also be aware that even though the access is encrypted, you should never access this account on a public system and/or network. See our security page for more.

Most hosting providers have webmail service so you can access your messages from anywhere there is internet access. Because this type of access is usually secured and provides the tools needed (no email client needed), this is the recommended method for accessing your email.

Example: https://webmail.yourdomain.tld/
( use your email address and email password )

If using email services such as mailing lists please read this -> Using Email.

Important Security Note

Using your webmail account on public computers (ex: at the cafe or library) is risky. Even though your connection is encrypted, take care to not leave any trace of your email address, password and activity in the web browser you are using. Clear/Delete ALL browsing history (browsing, form and search history, cookies, cache, offline data stored, site preferences) before completely and always closing out of the browser. When possible use your own equipment (laptop/mobile device) when accessing your webmail account. No matter how you are accessing your account (own equipment or public computer) always be aware of your surroundings, make sure nobody is shoulder surfing.