PayPal TM

Welcome to our PayPal Page, we use PayPal for all our on-line transactions. Using PayPal provides safe and secure transactions for both the retailer and their clients.

The payment form on this page (below) is where you can make a one time payment for a given service or invoice. You also can set-up automated (subscription) payments using the links on our PayPal Subscription page.

Make payment via PayPal TM
(PayPal account NOT required)

Please enter payment details here:

 Purchase Price: $
Processing Fee: $*
Amount Total: $ US$

* Processing fee of 3% + $0.30 per transaction.

NOTE: DO NOT use this service to pay for our ‘Showcase/Membership Hosting’ or domains purchased via our new ‘Domain Shop’ (unless instructed to do so). This payment method is not integrated with those systems and may result in double billing. Paying for Domains and/or Hosting services that were setup manually by the webterritory Hostmaster is OK. All PayPal payments have a transaction ID or receipt number that will be e-mailed to you and us by PayPal and will be your proof of payment. Once we process the payment notification sent to us, we will then update the corresponding system of the payment with the same PayPal transaction ID.

WebTerritory Showcases ( mini websites )

Even though the showcases themselves are not paid here, WebTerritory does provide paid showcase services and you can use this page to pay for those individual services.

* Unfortunately our upstream providers are now charging us payment processing fees when we pay them AND PayPal are also charging us the same fee when you pay us (a double whammy!). So we are also charging the processing fee to cover the cost of at least one of the fees.