Getting Started

Starting with a mini website (aka Showcase) at is a good stepping stone for starting (or building) a web presence.

Note: If you start your web presence with us and when you need to expand to a full featured website in the future there is no learning curve! How you access and continue to use your site after we transfer it to its own web space does not change much other than you have more options and access. uses WordPress as its foundation for all its hosting services. If you are familiar with WordPress you can start with the DIY Showcase Membership and get started with building your website on your own. However I would recommend at least the Standard or Premium Showcase membership even if you are familiar with using WordPress.

Not just saying this to make more money, having an upgraded Showcase membership gives you access to greater WebTerritory support and extra features/tools. Having the Standard or Premium Showcase also will expedite your website (showcase) opening by having the initial setup and configuration of your showcase done for you.

  • DIY Showcase Membership
    • Be able to create and customize a showcase yourself, log-in and post updates.
  • Standard Showcase Membership
    • Showcase set-up/design with on-line web-master support via email/contact form, auto posting via email, RSS or have one other premium add-on at no extra charge.
  • Paid Showcase Premium Membership
    • Same as above with ongoing webmaster support, access to all premium plugins/add-ons.

Below are some links to get you started:

Web services Webterritory offers –

More about Webterritory –