This WebTerritory Network is where you can access resources (contact us, FAQ and forums) for the do it yourself* people, purchase more products/services and/or get help with anything we offer. If you want to know more about us or our services please visit our WebTerritory.com site.


To access any of WebTerritory services you should become a member (client) first. If not ready to purchase a service you can choose the free no obligation ‘Member Only’ option.

Getting Started

Once you have selected a service, fill in the profile form, this allows webterritory to service your needs better especially if you selected one of the WordPress packages. A Web Admin will need the information to setup and configure your WordPress site for you if that was the chosen service.

If you selected ‘Starter’ service WebTerritory has to create it for you first (usually within a business day or two). While you wait for your hosted site to be ready, this would be a good time to get your media and content ready to add to your site.

Ongoing Support

If you have one of the Support packages, we install the plugins and themes for you and keep them updated.

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