Here is where all the WebTerritory clients’ services/tools are.

  • Buy/Transfer your Domains
    • via our Domain Shop  ? 
    • via WT Network  ? 
    • via WHMCS  ? 
    • via Contact Us  ? 
  • Buy/Upgrade your Websites
  • Order a WordPress Installation
  • Buy and Install SSL Certificate
  • Plugins/Add-ons (WordPress)

Domain Shop

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WebTerritory now has a site ( for all your domain shopping/management needs. WebTerritory will still be your registrar, just provides an easy to use portal to shop and manage your domain.

Your domain can be moved to or from the portal just contact the Hostmaster.

via WT Network

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This option is the best option for the beginner website owner or the person that wants WebTerritory assistance.

Other than the 'Membership Only' option, a showcase is automatically generated for you when you select a membership level. An administrator will create a web host account for you if you have selected a hosting package (usually the same business day).

Domains can be ordered/transferred via the WT Network with an administrator processing the order on your behalf.


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This is for the 'do it yourself' types or 'I want it now' people.

Using software called WHMCS, this system is fully automated and all aspects of your WebTerritory account is handled through it usually without administrator intervention.

WebTerritory showcases are part of the WebTerritory Network and not available in the WHMCS. If you setup a WT Network membership and upon your request WebTerritory can setup your free DIY Showcase after your WHMCS website is ordered.

via Contact Us

(Client Resources)

Special orders or something that can't be done on your own, contact us.