PayPal TM

Welcome to our Payment Page, we use PayPal for all our online transactions. Using PayPal provides safe and secure transactions for both the retailer and their clients.

Here at WebTerritory, we have three types of paid services; Membership, One-Time or Reoccurring.

  • Membership – This is typically a subscription-based service that set up a client account with WebTerritory. As a WebTerritory client member, you have access to services/features not given to non-members.
  • One-Time – This is typically for a service that is not a reoccurring or subscription-based. A website build or custom work done is a couple of examples for using this payment method.
  • Reoccurring – This is typically for services that are subscription-like service, domains are a good example of this. Instead of remembering to renew your domain every year (one-time) or having money taken unexpectedly (subscription), we can have PayPal invoice you via email. You get a notice that your domain is due and then you pay it via Paypal. – Easy!

Please choose one of the payment options above or visit our payment methods page for more options.