Welcome, this page explains the various ways you can send payment for a service you wish to purchase or pay for an invoice due (in order of preference).

NOTE: Even though WebTerritory is a Canadian company and most of its upstream providers are also Canadian, the preferred currency of the Internet is US Dollars (USD). With WebTerritory upstream providers charging us in USD and the Canadian dollar fluctuating in value so much, we have no other reasonable choice other than to charge in US Dollars. WebTerritory sincerely apologizes for any inconveniences this may cause.

Paying in Canadian Funds

If you are going to pay in CDN funds WebTerritory recommends taking the USD amount times by the bank over the counter cash conversion rate (usually around 1.33) and add one dollar for every ten (ex: 90 USD x 1.33 = 119.70 + 9 = 128.70 CDN). When WebTerritory is processing a Canadian funded payment we take the payment amount to the bank and apply the returned USD amount as a credit on account.

  • E-mail payments (if your bank offers this service)
    • If you want to send payment this way, please contact the admin for the payment email address. Contact your bank first to check if this is even an option for you.
    • Currently this is a Canada only thing, so you can only send in Canadian funds. Please follow Paying in Canadian Funds option.
    • If this is an option for you, please use this option instead of PayPal.
  • PayPal (also if paying by credit card)
    • If you are purchasing a subscription service from us or paying an invoice at our website. All our on-line transactions are processed by PayPal.
    • It is the safe and protected way to send money over the internet for both the buyer and seller.
    • If making one time (single) payments, you can use your credit card to make payments and you don’t need a PayPal account to do it.
  • Business Cheque or Money Order (USD preferred)
    • This is the alternative option if for some reason you can not use the first/second option.
    • We do accept cheques in Canadian funds if amount written is equivalent to the US dollar value. ex: $90 USD funded cheque ≈ $128 CAD funded cheque (See: Paying in Canadian Funds).
    • Note must be made payable to Wayne Schulz, who is the proprietor of WebTerritory. The reason for this is that we do not get many cheque payments and it is not cost effective to maintain a business chequing account.
    • Please write in what you are paying for in the ‘memo’ field of the note ex: Invoice number ##.
    • Note can be dropped-off or snail-mailed to 188 Blucher Avenue, Thunder Bay, ON, P7B 4Y7.
      Remember that services are not considered paid until the note has cleared.
    • There is a $60 NSF charge for dishonoured cheques.
  • Cash Payment (USD preferred)
    • This is the last option and least preferred (the last resort, customer has no other way to pay).
    • Also used if cheque payment was unsuccessful.
    • Prearrangement for pick-up or delivery must be made. If the proprietor is (or has plans to be) in your area it can be picked up or if you are in the Thunder Bay area it can be delivered face to face. NEVER snail-mail cash.
    • All cash payments will be entered as a credit amount in your account, then can be applied to any future purchases or outstanding amounts owed.
    • If paid in Canadian dollars, it will be converted to US dollar value before applied to your account. ex: $128 CAD ≈ $90 USD (See: Paying in Canadian Funds).

NOTE: Our automated client management system (WHMCS) uses PayPal for its transactions. However if you are having difficulties accessing/using it or just don’t want to, you can use our any of the above options to make payment. If you use the PayPal payment page, remember that it is not part of the automated client system thus payments will not be reflected in the client system right away. However all PayPal payments have a transaction ID or receipt number that will be e-mailed to you and us by PayPal and will be your proof of payment. Once we process the payment notification sent to us, we will then update the client system of the payment.