Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

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Question: I noticed mention that your prices have changed, which prices and by how much?


Only the Hosting and Hosting Add-Ons like Dedicated IP have changed. Domains and other products like SSL certificates are not changing at this time. The final price increase as of February 2016 would of worked out to more than 40% with the final calculations of the upstream provider, other processing fees, taxes, etc., however decided to NOT increase the hosting prices any more than 40%. It has been years since I changed my prices and hopefully it will be many more before the next time.

Question: Just what is a Hostmaster, Web Admin and/or a Webmaster?


The person responsible for the web server and its services would be the Hostmaster. At WebTerritory that’s the person that set the domain names (DNS), HTTPS (SSL), and the other server functions.

The person responsible for the system which support your web site is the Web Admin. At WebTerritory that’s the person that handles the website cPanel. In the DIY packages the client is the web admin. In the WP packages WebTerritory takes care of that role for you (the client still has access if they wish to).

The webmaster or web developer is the person responsible for the website design and function. At WebTerritory the webmaster is the person that handles the website itself mostly the client. WebTerritory offers Webmaster support by helping with WordPress (configuration, setting up plugins and themes).

Question: I followed the instructions for setting up a mail client on my system however I can’t send mail?


It should work if you used the settings in your cPanel ⇒ Email Accounts ⇒ [ More v ] ⇒ Configure Email Client.
In your Email Client check to see if your SMTP port is set to 587 (usually in the advanced settings).

Update: You should set your email client to use the SSL settings instead. Webterritory.net now fully supports SSL including the mail server. Keep your messages to/from our server protected and private.

Question: How do I access my email without using an email client?


https://webterritory.net/webmail/, then use your email address and email password.