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New things are coming… – WebTerritory Network

New things are coming…

I would like to announce that this month WebTerritory is making changes to its online presence!

So what does that mean?

It means that this site is being reconfigured into a client portal (resource site) called the WebTerritory Network and a new site WebTerritory.com is being built.

NEW WebTerritory.com

YES – We have a NEW website in the works! This will be the gateway (on ramp) to WebTerritory.net, explaining what WebTerritory is, does and how to best use our resources.

The WebTerritory Network

WebTerritory.net will still be the main site (workhorse) for getting stuff done. Ordering domains, web hosting and other products. Information on the various products and services. Help forum on various topics of interest to our clients. And other resources will be added to help our clients with their websites.

The first new resource we are adding:

Full SSL (https) to all of webterritory.net! This means encrypted (protected) e-mail/web-mail and the showcases (yourbusiness.webterritory.net). Basically if it uses the webterritory.net domain, you can take advantage of a secured/private communication between yourself or your customers and the service.

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